Our Cause Aid is a crowdfunding platform initiated by the Faciotech Foundation. Driven by a profound sense of purpose and a dedication to leveraging technology for good, we’ve developed this platform to support small charities and individuals in Ghana who work tirelessly to provide social support for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.

Our platform extends beyond mere fundraising. We prioritize transparency and provide concrete evidence of the impact of projects to foster donor confidence and trust. Our objective is not only to assist these organizations and individuals in raising the necessary funds but also to amplify the narrative of Ghana beyond foreign aid, showcasing the remarkable work being undertaken within the country.

Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, our platform makes it straightforward for charities and individuals to connect with donors and highlight their work. We believe this ease of use can facilitate the fund-raising process, enabling them to make a significant difference in their communities. Besides fundraising, we’re also committed to cultivating a community of charities, individuals, and donors who can learn from one another and collaborate to achieve their shared goals.

The project is designed to be self-sustainable through the collection of transaction fees. As an initiative of the Faciotech Foundation, we are dedicated to utilizing our resources and expertise to foster a better world. We cordially invite you to join us on this mission and make a difference alongside us.

We are different!

Our Cause Aid goes beyond being a mere fundraising platform. We are committed to cultivating a vibrant community of charities, individuals, and donors who can engage in mutual learning and collaboration, working collectively towards achieving their goals.

By simplifying the process for charities and individuals to connect with donors and highlight their impactful work, we aim to assist them in raising the essential funds they need to effect meaningful change in their communities. But our support doesn’t stop at fundraising. We also provide an array of valuable resources and assistance to aid charities and individuals in their growth and success.


Evidence-based storytelling

We prioritize evidence-based storytelling, offering clear and compelling evidence of the impact of projects.


Community building

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Four distinct modules

Our Cause Aid is built around four distinct modules – Crowdfunder, Cause Mart, Charity Directorate, and Volunteer Match.